How to get to Ischia
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If you are traveling by car, you can take a ferry boat at Pozzuoli Port (motorway exit Via Campana) or at Porta di Massa Port in Naples (motorway exit Napoli Zona Portuale). Caremar ( and Medmar ( are the shipping companies that are available for the carriage of cars. In high seasons it is suggested to book tickets in advance.

If you are traveling by airplane, the main ways to get to Porta di Massa Port of Naples are by Alibus bus (departure from the airport every 20 minutes) or by taxi; if by taxi we suggest you to ask the fixed price, more or less €20 plus extra-charges for luggage.

If you arrive in railway station of Napoli Centrale, you can get the port of Porta di Massa by 1 tram, 152 or R2 bus or by taxi; also in this last case you have to ask the fixed price, more or less €10.

If you are on foot, you can take ferries at Porta di Massa from Via Marina in Naples; or at Pozzuoli Port, that could be reached by subway or by 152 bus from Railway Station of Naples. Ferries are the most economic means transport. The fastest mean transport is the hydrofoil, and the main companies are Caremar, Alilauro ( and Snav ( Ticket offices are at Beverello and Mergellina Ports.

In Ischia there are three ports: the main one is in Ischia Porto, where the most part of ships docks. Medmar and Caremar ferries and Snav hydrofoils arrive also in Casamicciola port. Then Alilauro hydrofoils arrive also in Forio. From the ports you can move by bus or by taxi.

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